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Rice Protein is a great tasting vegetable protein made from non-genetically modified rice. Sprinkle on cereal, stir into soups or stews or simply add some into baked goods, organic Rice Protein is an excellent source of good quality protein and consumption of the same ensures in proper limits ensures a trouble-free healthy life. Though there are several kinds of protein sources like soy and whey but organic Rice Protein excels above all of them for more than one reason. While whey protein comes from milk, it doesn't suit some people because they do not wish to use animal-based protein. On the other hand, soy protein often is difficult for people to digest and may pose allergy risks. And sometimes consumers simply don't like the taste of these organic proteins. In contrast to all these, Rice Protein is an excellent source of vegan, hypo-allergenic protein that is easy to digest and good in taste. Apart from its individual inherent benefits, the presence and significance of organic Rice Protein in certain food ingredients enhances the nutritional quality of the product immensely. Rice protein has proved to be suitable for use by those with food allergies and has even been used to feed the infants, the elderly and the severely ill. For this reason, nowadays, organic Rice Protein is part of the dietary staple for more than the half of the populace of the world and is gradually catching up with the rest.

The advantages and importance of the components of organic Rice Protein is better understood from the concept of rice and protein individually. Protein is an indispensable macronutrient to the human diet that supplies the required nitrogen and nearly 20 essential amino acids. Chemically, proteins are complex, high-molecular-weight organic compounds that consist of amino acids joined by peptide bonds. They play an important role in repairing of tissue and cell development. Now we all know that rice is a carbohydrate but it has its share of amino acids too that goes on to produce protein. Through a unique enzymic process the protein from the carbohydrate portion of the rice is isolated. The end result is an extensive amino acid profile that includes 19 amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids making our organic Rice Protein a "complete" protein. Generally prepared from GM-free rice, Organic Rice Protein is presently being used in non-dairy drinks, as well as sports and recovery drinks.

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